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hubic login [Error] Permission denied. Command failed: System.InvalidOperationExcepti

07-24-2015, 12:05 PM
Dear readers,
I have a 10To account on Hubic.
I can access my files and folders from my web browser.
Now, after installing the hubic software on my Ubuntu, I tried to log in:
hubic login myemailaddress

After entring my password, the server replies:
[Error] Permission denied.
Command failed: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot log in.

How can I get access to my account?
NB: the same command performed well a couple of days ago

I have just set up a new free 25Go hubic account with another email address and so on.
When I try to log in on this new account:
hubic login myotheremailaddress

I enter my password and everything goes fine.
hubic status


State: Idle
Up: 0 B/s (0 B/s) Down: 0 B/s (0 B/s)

Account: myotheremailaddress
Synchronized directory:
Usage: 0 B/25 GB

Last events:
[7/24/2015 1:01:49 PM|Info] Click on this icon to access your hubiC.

How can I get access to my non-free 10To account from my terminal?

Cheers, hbj