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Incompatible with Latest MAC OS 10.11 Capitan

07-23-2015, 08:23 PM
With the last update of OS X, Hubic works perfectly !!!

07-20-2015, 12:48 PM

I was hoping to be a new trial user of yours.

Im also a MAC OS 10.11 Capitan Beta User. Your not the first 3rd party app I've experienced compatibility issues with. If there is a simple area within the OS app; within the content package, that can be updated please let me know. I only say that as 1 key issue I've struck is that apps like yours not only check that the OS is new enough but for some reason they've put a not greater than OS 10.10 check for example. And as a result this check calls booting up the app to a screaming holt. If its as simple as a compatibility check that can be user modified for the interim (thou I doubt it very much you want me or any user tinkering with those settings), I don't mind doing so under instruction.

Otherwise, I need to inform you that your existing app with STOP working for all new and existing OS users once the new OS goes live for the rest of the public. Prob a good time to look at updating it?

And when you have fixed it to work on MAC OS, please let me know. I'd probably still be keen to try your product then. Pity it can't be now. Nonetheless.

Get back to me, if thats ok?