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hubic web panel - space taken

07-19-2015, 11:11 AM
I was sure that my archiver packed gibibyte parts....it werent gigabyte parts neither, but i calculated my size in relation to gibibyte and everything is just perfect.....
Hey guys,
i just started to use Hubic as my primary online backup service. All is just fine (especially with hubicfuse), but i have one point to ask:
The Hubic web-Panel shows the size my files take. I usually use that size to check whether my files completed uploading or not (or if some files are missing, dunno - just a quick look, thats it). The thing is, that this "space taken" indication is wrong for me. E.g. if i upload 55 exactly 1 gb parts, i expect to see something like 56gb, due to 1024mb vs 1000mb. Hubic shows me 52,xx.
Should i be worried about that? I downloaded 1 test file and the checksums were right and it is ovh therefore it trust the infrastructure, but this little matter annoys me
Greetings and thanks in advance