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hubiC for Windows: 1.1.12 release is out

10-11-2013, 04:01 PM

We just released the 1.1.12 version of Windows client. This release fixes
some issues with the previous version and also brings important performance
improvements (especially with big accounts).

This update is now available on the download page. If you were already using a previous version, a request for update will pop up very soon.

Full changelog hereinafter:
  • Improvement: Reduced memory usage
  • Improvement: Better log management (maximum size + rotation of log files)
  • Improvement: Operation failure if the local disk or the hubiC account is full
  • Improvement: Filter changes are taken in account immediately
  • Improvement: Local changes during a synchronization are detected faster
  • Improvement: More reactive setup assistant
  • Improvement: Moving large files is now faster
  • Fixed: If the synchronized folder is not available at startup, you are now able to connect manually without retyping identifiers when it becomes available
  • Fixed: "Invalid Win32 FileTime" errors do not abort synchronization anymore (however, it will be less efficient as the files have to be verified at each synchronization)
  • Fixed: If the synchronized folder becomes unavailable after startup and then becomes available again (for instance, during network failure), the synchronization resumes
  • Fixed: Conflict resolutions were looping in some cases
  • Fixed: Overlay icons now supported for multiple users using simultaneously the same account.
  • Fixed: The user quota is refreshed faster
  • Fixed: Random crash after pausing sync or change account
  • Other minor fixes and improvements