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Iirrational payment, unlawful accound blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-12-2015, 11:18 AM
im not really sure anyone here can help as ov NEVER seen a mod or admin and support must have died years ago. my advice is got to OVH website and use the support tickets, it might take a week or so but they will sort it or refund you.

Stermedia Sp. z o.o.
06-09-2015, 03:21 PM

Our account (registered on same email as forum account) is still blocked, after call to service and ensure that it will be unblocked.

First we paid for 100 GB for one month, then in next month we paind for 10 TB for one year (50 Euro). After second payment we still got payment request for 100 GB (WHY!!??), we cannot turn this option off because out panel shows server error on some pages. I can understand that You law accept to request peyment for demanded service every month, but we paid for full year.

After several weeks our account was blocked beacuse we did not paid 3 euro! WHY 100 GB was not disabled after paid for maximum amount of disk space?!?!?

After that I call to your service in France. Nice lady said to me that it will be fixed after we paid this 3 Eur, so we got payment request again whitch we paid (3 Euro), to this day our account is blocked !!

This is unacceptable!! After paid 50 Euro for Your service, it You did not turn account again we will break contract and demand compensation for time that service is unavaible for us.

Best regards
Adam Matusiak
Stermedia Sp. z o.o.