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How do you create a container for a backup to go in?

06-03-2015, 08:37 PM

In each case, you will be not able to use the android/IOS hubic client to access to a different container than the "default" provided by Hubic.
With the webapp you can "edit the url" to access to an existing other container : https://hubic.com/home/browser/#default/ => https://hubic.com/home/browser/#mynewcontainer/

[Normal way]
You should use swift explorer http://www.619.io/swift-explorer, which is a gui which should allow you to create containers.
[/Normal way]

[Geek way]
you can use a swift client to create/remove a new container (not supported by the web Hubic Application). Indeed, when you upload a file in a specified container, it should be created in the same time.

As swift client, I am using https://github.com/Gu1/pyrax-identity-hubic with pyrax (used by duplicity for backup). An other way is to use the openstack swift-client with nodejs (https://github.com/gierschv/node-hubic-swiftauth).
[/Geek way]

05-31-2015, 04:30 AM
How do you create a top level container to put all android client files in one container and my laptop files in a different container?