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Linux client won't work

05-17-2015, 03:20 PM
as I see, my backup is complete. I can see the backup via the browser login.
And what I see, too, is that hubic is still connected and running idle. If you type "hubic logout", the connection will be lost.

a cron job would help, but I guess, hubic is not really mine. For me it is not quite comfortable to use it under Linux.

05-17-2015, 02:29 PM
Answering my own question first: it looks as though the date field is populated in the output from 'hubic backup info' when a particular backup completes.

jgpc ~ $ hubic backup info
     Name  Attached            Local path       Last backup      Size
negatives       Yes  /mnt/disk01/negatives/  17/05/2015 10:33  315.6 MB
   photos       Yes     /mnt/disk01/photos/  17/05/2015 10:56  31.19 GB
 TRAINING       Yes   /mnt/disk01/TRAINING/                 -   8.22 GB
So in the above example my TRAINING backup is not yet complete.

On your question: it looks as though the command line tool has some notion of frequency:

backup config [--keep_deleted] [--drop_deleted] [--path=VALUE] [--frequency=VALUE] [--kept_versions=VALUE] [--] 
  Change options of an existing backup.
  --keep_deleted: When a file is deleted, keep it on hubiC.
  --drop_deleted: When a file is deleted, delete it on hubic too (exclusive with --keep_deleted).
  --path: New path of the backup.
  --frequency: Frequency for automatic backup (never, hourly, daily, weekly).
  --kept_versions: Nunber of older versions to keep (-1 = unlimited).
  path_or_name: Path or name of the backup to configure.
But I plan to use a cron job myself, so it will happen overnight.

05-17-2015, 10:24 AM
hi JG, thanks a lot for that information, Now it works. the backup is not stored in the Documents folder, what i expected. It could be found under the account.

this is my command line
hubic backup create --drop_deleted --frequency=daily --name=documents /home/me/Dokumente
how coul i change the backup automatism, eg the frequency? just typing in the new line or stopping hubic first?

05-17-2015, 10:01 AM
Morning al,

I just signed up for hubiC last night and I'm likely to have more questions than answers for the foreseeable future, but I'm happy to be able to answer this one: the actual command is 'hubic', no capital C. That one caught me out as well; had to look through the list of files provided by the .deb for the answer.

Some more information that might prove useful, based on my preliminary investigations:

To login (ensure your account is activated first):

$ hubic login 
To create a backup (eg):

$ hubic backup create --drop_deleted --name=photos /home/groover/photos
.. the --drop_deleted part means that I want files that have been removed on the source to be removed in the backup too, when it runs. You might not want that.

To kick off a backup (eg):

$ hubic backup update photos
To see what's happening:

$ hubic backup info

$ hubic status
Most of the above only applies if you want to use the 'backup' facility of course, but that's likely to be more useful to me than synchronising as the data I want to transfer to the cloud is in more than one place.

I'd be interested to know if anyone can tell me how to confirm a particular backup has completed?


05-17-2015, 09:26 AM
hi, I've installed the Linux client via GDebi, no faults occured.
After that I liked to see the status, but obviously the client seems not to be installed I got this
@X220 ~ $ hubiC start
hubiC: Befehl nicht gefunden.
that means, that the command is not been found.

so what can I do now? do you have any suggestions? connection via WebDav is not implemented or posible?

I am just a simple Linux user, not a nerd