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High/inefficient resource usage on Windows

05-15-2015, 10:23 AM
In these few days I've used the service, I've been noticing some technical issues on the Windows client.
First of all, CPU usage and I/O throughput are just too high when the client is in the "Changes discovery" phase. It makes my whole computer lag, and in stops and starts even unusable, until the client is done checking. I suspect you rely on some sort of CRC or hash to check if a file has been modified... and this would be ok, if only this process didn't waste so many resources.
Secondly, bandwidth limitation seems to be problematic (at least on the upload side, as that's what I tested). While it does indeed work, it somehow still manages to slow down my internet connection on the computer running the client. If I use another computer on the same network, I can use the "remaining" bandwidth just fine... This seems related to the method you use for bandwidth limiting: if I use an external tool such as NetLimiter, I experience no slow downs or anything of the sort.
And finally, I'd like to report a less technical question: you might want to take better care of those who go all the way up to registering on a (quite hidden) forum to report issues or to suggest ways to improve the service or its related programs. Of all the topics I've seen, only a handful had received a reply from a member of the hubiC/OVH team... And if things stay this way, I doubt this service will even remotely approach the popularity other similar services have. Even a simple "we won't do it as there isn't enough interest in this feature" would do just fine, is it that difficult?

I hope some of these problems will be looked into. Thank you in advance.