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Pls stop the invoices. You cancelled me, I reopened new account and you still invoice

05-14-2015, 10:34 AM
Most posts in this forums is spam and most posts from users don't get answers. It's shows lack of customer service from OVH, they say they are one of the largest hosting services worldwide, but Hubic support is non-existent.

Since there is so much spam I go ahead and double post this on two forums, as it probably won't get noticed anyways:


Initially I signed up for paid account with Hubic. However, it didn't work as expected so I have emailed to Hubic to cancel my account. There was no response, so I went ahead and cancelled the charge of my credit card. Still no response from Hubic, but for a few months I would receive invoices.

I submitted request again through my account to stop sending invoices asking the downgrade my account. Again, no response from Hubic team. Then - suddenly I wasn't able to login. I have received a notice from Hubic saying my account has been terminated and deleted because of unpaid invoices. I won't go into details about how it felt to get surprise like that.

So I went again and created a new free account at Hubic with the same email. And guess what - The invoices started pouring again including the invoices from before.

So I cancelled account many month ago, asked to stop billing me, account was deleted by Hubic, I created a completely new account and Hubic keeps sending invoices again.

I suspect after a few weeks my account will be terminated yet again without resolution.

I would even consider paying some of the invoices, but the invoices don't stop, so it doesn't matter if they are paid or not because the invoices won't stop.

The account handle: