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Amazingly bad business practices

03-11-2016, 10:23 PM
oh my god...

And I wanted to ask why there's an extra charge on my credit card... but from the looks of these forums and the sheer amount of unanswered complains, I suspect I'm never getting my money back.

Cancelling my account now too.

02-15-2016, 09:03 AM
Similar situation here.

What's really bad practice is to not have any contact information. No email to write to, no phone number to call. Only a forum where you need to register yourself? No way!

I can't even log in to my account anymore, so I can't change my credit card information.

So please contact me. You have my email, I'm waiting for your message to find a solution!

02-12-2016, 11:56 PM

I do not know if anybody will even read this email as the no-direct way to reach the customer service is yet another bad practice.

But I will now go on with a rant anyway.

After having been an user for the past 3 / 4 years, I had the worst experience with Hubic and cancelled my account at once.
What happened? Well, my credit card came to its expiration date, so the automatic payment could not go through. There came an email from Hubic about 6 days ago, about this month's payment but it was so poorly written that I did not understand it and took it for the usual automatic payment email.

Then the alienating part started. A few days later (3 days ago), an email detailing the fact that the payment was late arrived. And, apart from offering an alternative way to pay (direct payment), which was good, it also specified that if I failed to pay within 3 days, my account would be immediately suspended, Hubic would charge me with late payment penalties, and they would even contact the proper authorities to collect their dues and sue me within the limits of the law.

To me, that is fantasticaly bad business practice. It is just so bad I can't believe it. Within 3 days, one goes to a several years old customer to some kind of criminal. Since then, I have paid and decided to cancel immediately my account.
Hubic might have gotten those five Euros this month, but they lost my business and the hundreds of Euros for the coming years.

I just cannot agree with a company that, with no attempt whatsoever to understand the situation (credit card information to update is fairly common, and I doubt everybody manages not to miss anything about it within a couple of days) directly threatens to prosecute me and charge me extra. Why not simply froze the account until the payment is made, and send an email about this? A frozen account until the payment is completed. No need to threat about late penalties, no need to talk about prosecution, no threat whatsoever. Just standard practices as done by any other service over the web, it could not be simpler, leaving room for whatever reason customers might be a few days late.
And even if I did fail to pay for 10 years, well, I am not using the service for ten years and would not be able to access my account until I have reimbursed the payment for those ten years, so why the threat?

Well, the people that thought that threatening customers was a good idea to get their money back are more like mobsters than anything else.
And I just cannot accept to be treated in such a way.

And to anybody wanting to defend them, just think about going to a restaurant you have gone to every week for the past 4 years. One time, you are using a credit card and having an issue. Would you accept to be threatened directly by the staff? Hell no. You would expect them to kindly ask and try again with the same card, then with another card, and should everything fail, you would expect to show some understanding and let you ask your company to pay, or in the worst case somebody you call and ask to come by to help. And all that without the attitude or the the threats.

And should the restaurant be mad instead of showing understanding and empathy that a trusted customer deserve, you would for sure never come back again.

That is the same.

I will make sure people around me know.