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no visible "other actions" menu after selecting file in backup

05-04-2015, 10:25 PM
Message for other users like me: I can confirm that the only possible way to delete a file from a backup is by deleting the unwanted file first on your PC and then update the backup by unticking the box: "keep in hubic files that has been deleted on this computer". This is the only way to delete an unwanted file..which is ok, but the super tech staff genius didn't know as you can read above....

04-30-2015, 01:04 PM
this is the reply that I got from tech staff:
you cannot delete a particular file from a backup folder.
You only will be able to delete the backup folder entirely.
You can eventually re upload your backup folder, or just ignore this file.

Seriously??? What if my folder is 50gb full of mp3 files..do I have to delete the ENTIRE folder and re-upload it again???? These guys are nuts..
Now I understand why they charge you only 10 euro per year for 100gb, because the service sucks!
I wonder if I can delete a single file by deleting it on my PC first and then update the backup by unticking the box: keep in hubic files that has been deleted on this computer. Hopefully that'll work as according to these tech genius there's no other way...

04-27-2015, 07:50 PM
Hi everyone,
I contacted the hubiC staff guys but it looks like they don't really know how their things work (actually DO NOT work..).
I'm wondering if any of you USERS experienced the same problem, in order to understand if I'm the only one having this problem or if it's a hubiC's bug on their web interface: I uploaded a lot of files in "backup", one of these backups is called "Music", which under that folder I have mp3 files. If I select any file and click "other action" on top (supposed to show: delete, copy, etc I guess) that menu is not visible as it remains "hidden" behind, as if the layer for that menu is "behind", therefore not visible.
I have tried with Chrome, IExplorer, Firefox and also the browser Samsung I use in my smartphone but I get the same problem with all of these.
The staff at first said it works on their side, and on the next e-mail they said the following:
It is because you cannot access to this menu in your "My backup" folder.
I remain at your disposal should you have any more questions.
Best regards,
HubiC Team.

How am I supposed to delete a file contained in a backup then??
Why they first said it works on their side and then said the above statement??
I believe these guys have NO clue of what to do.
Anyone else experienced the same problem with "other actions" menu after selecting a file in a backup?

You can see a screenshot here: http://ovh.to/RMcfZ5

Thank you