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Needed... General: Folder Sync+Ex/Include; iOS app: Cache+Info+Share ; Web: Sharing

02-17-2015, 04:04 PM
Here is list of suggested features and improvements, most of this is cosmetic stuff, but the main thing is the solution is designed to sync and here is what I would welcome to see to make it usable...


- Make it flexible folder sync (to select multiple folders) e.g. similar to SugarSync, Syncplicity, Spideroak or Cubby..
- Enable to include and exclude folders to sync on more granular level (deeper sub-folders, not on the subfolders on first level)


- Make the sharing easier for copying links. Right now, it's not easy to create link and copy to clipboard.
- Provide list of files that are currently being shared (see below also comment about the iOS app)

iOS app:
Provide "info" button or icon on each file name. Clicking this would show the full name of the file and links to share it ... Right now, I have to download the file, then I see full name and can share it. I'd like to be able to share the file without having to download first on the device. Simple "info" icon overlayed on the file name on the list would enable me to see file properties, full file name and share the file. ... She how it's done in SugarSync and Cubby for instance.
There is no way to delete Cashed files (previewed files) in the application. All files are stored within the application and the only way to flash them would be to log out or delete the whole application. Android has ability to use utilities to flash cache across all apps on Android. However, iOS doesn't allow cross application access because of sandbox, so you have to provide an extra button within your application to flush the cached files + to provide maximum allowed size for cache.. to prevent the user running out of space before without knowing why.
a) Allow also sharing without time limitation.
b) With this you will however need to add a "list of currently shared files" so that user can go and see files that are shared and delete shares or copy the links if needed again... without going to the individual files to un-share them.