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Ownline Service

05-17-2015, 12:26 PM
I have just sent you an PM

04-02-2015, 03:52 PM

Please, sign me in PM

03-27-2015, 05:26 PM

I'll be willing to test your software. I will have time in second half of April, so If you want, please send me a link to repository or something like that. As for now I've build something similart but using already existing services.

hubic account + hubic2swiftproxy (in docker) + s3ql + pydio (in docker) + cloudflare in front of it all.

Let me know on private message.

01-16-2015, 12:21 PM
I'm developing Ownline.

Ownline is a service like owncloud but can connect to cloud services like Hubic to use cloud space as native HDD space.

Now i have:
Web file access(Upload/download/create/move/delete/share link/share music playlist/ download folder/upload folder...

WebDav server implementation

and I think the most interestting

Multi account(yes you can share your 10TB hubic with your friends, and every account have a private directory)

Copy between clouds Native to hubic.. hubic to google drive etc...)


Disk Quota (Limit your friends directory space)

dynamic storage torrent(you can seed/download your torrent through 3rd party clouds like Hubic and other)

Webdav Lock

Webdav Sync

On this year(i hope)

Subsonic Music Streamer integration on ownline virtual file system

Fake Owncloud(With this you can use owncloud android iphone pc apps to ownline service)

Partial Uploads

The Hubic Imp of Ownline support large file, but have some bug when you upload from web, on webdav work perfect.

This app is developed with java J2EE spring + hibernate (require BBDD (mysql / oracle..) and Application Service ( tested on glassfish /tomcat)

the system to upload download from clouds is based on pipes, the system not use cache to upload download like owncloud do, this is very slow because if you want to download a file, owncloud first download this file and when the download finish your computer start to download..
With my app automatically get buffers from 64KB and start your download.

Owncloud support partial download, and download acceleration. Video streaming and other byte range based web utils

I'm searching for people who want to help me to test.
Finding bugs.

And if you are a developer you can add new Service (DropBox, Box.. etc) is easy to integrate.

I want this app will openSource. for everybody

PD sorry for my bad english.