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as I can change the package 10tb at 100gb urgent

01-22-2015, 03:28 PM
You're welcome.
Have a good day.

01-18-2015, 11:52 PM
My account was properly paid the bill, and the bill was revived, thank you very much hubiC team sincerely (closing theme)

01-16-2015, 10:46 AM

Could you please explain us your problem by contacting our team : https://forums.hubic.com/showthread....eam-on-Private

Don't forget to give us your hubiC email.


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01-14-2015, 12:50 AM
as I can change the package 10tb at 100gb urgent,

end December 10 tb changes to my collection 0,98euros now see an unpaid bill 10,00euros. I want to change the plan of 10gb. help managers to avoid losing my mind many thanks