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A question about hubiC limitations

01-08-2015, 10:15 PM
Hi hubiC staff,

First of all let me thank you for your great products (Not only hubiC, but Kimsufi, So you start and all the OVH infrastucture), I've been using them for several years now.

About hubiC, I'm really interested on it, but I should know if it could fit my needs. I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions :

  • I already own a Kimsufi server ( KS-3 , which I'm in love with it) and an OVH VPS. There, I have my websites, and I use Plex on both servers to stream my photos and videos. Your hubiC 10TB offer could fit my size needs. I've been testing the bandwith of a Hubic account using HubicFuse (https://github.com/TurboGit/hubicfuse) between the Kimsufi server and the hubiC service and the performance has been much better than expected (100mbit up-down connection). Even though both Kimsufi and hubiC are in your infrastructure, will you limit the bandwidth between both products in the future?. The environment that I want to configure is a mounted directory with HubicFuse with all my videos/photos, and Plex using that directory as the main resource. So it is likely my use on hubiC will be moderate/high and I would like to be sure that you won't warn me about that use in the future once I configured all the environment.
  • As I also want to upload all my photos, do you have any limit about the amount of files that I can upload to hubiC?. I have thousands of them, and as part of my work and hobby is related to photography it is likely it will increase to several thousands.
  • As I want to have an stable environment, my main concern is to invest time and money on create this connection between hubiC and the VPS/Kimsufi server and then find out in the future that you don't want this kind of use and you don't support it. So, are you going to limit the API to not allow to do this kind of environments through hubicFuse or can I trust your infrastucture and your offers and start to "play" with hubiC?
  • I read in the contract the following point: "OVH cannot guarantee that files exceeding 5 GB will be deposited. In the event of needing to put a file of this size online, OVH asks the Customer to contact the technical support team in order to find out the most effective method of carrying out this operation. ". Does it mean that you don't guarantee the software to upload the file, or that you don't support to save files bigger than 5GB?. What I wanted to accomplish is to create an encrypted file/directory to save all my files in it so in hubiC only would appear one huge file, but I could still work with it with the correct sotware. Will it work or it won't?

Thank you very much,