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Difference between sync and backup

11-27-2014, 02:37 PM
Yes, the backup is done in the following direction : PC ==> hubiC.
You can make some tests with our 25 Go free offer if you want
Have a good day.

11-27-2014, 12:18 PM
Thanks a lot Xavierh.
I am interested in backup, not in synchronization.
With the backup I just want to save my data on the web, and do not want to sync them.
I want to be sure that the data flow is ONLY from PC to Hubic, and NEVER from Hubic to the PC.
My problem is that Hubic does not overwrite the data from the web over that are on my PC, because the data on my PC are always more recent.
When i'm ready, i refresh my backup, but only when i decide to do that.
Please tell me if Backup works in only one direction, from PC to Hubic.
Thanks again for your help.

11-26-2014, 03:44 PM
Hello Stefano,

Yes, with the synchronisation, the app synchronise the folder you choose. So, if you add a file in this folder, it,'s add on hubiC but conversely, if you delete some file in this folder or in hubiC, it's deleted in hubiC or in the folder.

Now, what is archiving? How does it work?

Very easy to use, this feature allows you to create backups of any folder you like on your computer so you can save it on hubiC.
The principle of synchronisation is unchanged, but you can now right click on any folder you like and select hubiC > Create a backup.

The archiving feature allows you to choose whether to save earlier versions of your backups or not. This way you may choose not to save any versions, to save from 1 to 10 versions or even to save all versions. Please note that this only applies to backups and you can’t save versions of synchronised data.

Have a good day.

11-24-2014, 11:01 AM
Iím a new Hubic user, and I do not understand how Hubic works, about the difference between synchronization and backup.
I choose a folder, the program before transfer the contents of my PC to Hubic, and later Hubic controls which is the latest version of the file, and replaces the older ones with the most up to date.
So the flow of data is from PC to Hubic and from Hubic to PC.
- Backup
I choose a folder, the program before transferring the contents of my PC to Hubic, then nothing happens, until i ask the refresh of the backup.
At this point Hubic move from PC to Hubic the changed files.
So the flow of data is ONLY from PC to Hubic, and no file is touched on my PC.
I got it right?
Thanks, Stefano