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update hubiC for Windows Phone 8

11-20-2014, 01:57 PM

Thanks to hubiC for Windows Phone, you can add your documents to your online space and access them anywhere, on any device or computer.

You can access your pictures, videos, music, pdfs and other documents. You can also share them with friends and family or send large files without email attachments!

Upload photos taken from your Windows Phone directly onto your online space and open them on all your devices and computers.

- Access your documents, pictures, videos, music from anywhere
- Share your files by sending a link to your friends
- Upload your photos on your hubiC online space

Sign up now and get 25GB of storage space for free!

Live tile / Lock screen & glance icon:
The figure represents the number of images waiting to be uploaded to hubiC
What's new:
- Improved process to remotely disable the authentication token or the application
- Slideshow for images not managed by Middleware (SLO files, for example) is more robust
- The size of zero byte files is hidden
- The login page allows rotation
- Addition of all languages
- Management of subdirs
- Prevention of the deletion of SLO files
- Auto-upload doesn’t re-upload images already on the server
- Addition of cache size + purge cache button
- Addition of over-quota notification to the auto-upload page
- Addition of a help page
- Lock with a PIN
- Addition of a validation button on the stand-alone auto-upload page
- Activation/deactivation of thumbnail display
- Hide/display hidden files
- Activation/deactivation of the bug report
- Detection of changes server-side on cached files in the app
- Upgrade/renew a hubiC account
- File deletion
- Files can be sorted by date, name, etc.
- Many bugs fixed based on user feedback (thank you!)

Have a good day.