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I would love to be a hubiC PRO user but I was forced to move to DropBox Pro. Why?

11-13-2014, 04:29 PM
Dear hubiC team,

I've tried several times to upgrade my account to a paid one, either 100MB or 1 TB but the form does not allow me to introduce my Portuguese Zip code. I've complained several times and the reply was that you don't have that problem, so something was wrong with my browser.
I've tried different computers with different browsers and OS's (Mac, Windows and even IOS) but the result were always the same.

After two months, hopping that someone will solve this issue but nothing happen. I finally gave up and I've moved to 1TB DropBox Pro, which is cheaper than hubiC and works smoothly on all my computers, iPhones and iPads. Now my space problems are gone!

The biggest flaw that I can mention on hubiC is the lack of direct contact, either by phone or email, and even to make this post i had issues .

I will not give up on hubiC immediately because I believe that one day you will overcome your problems.

I wish the Very Best for all of you with lots of success.

Thanks for everything
Mario Castelhano