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Some questions regarding data security / bandwidth

11-05-2014, 04:59 PM
Thank you.

I want to use hubiC as a second cloud backup service because cloud storage is not safe (I was a former Bitcasa client).
Just wanted to make sure that backed up data is safe, no strings attached.

10 Mbit/s is very slow in my county, most have 100 Mbit/s and you can get 300 Mbit/s if you want. 1 Gbit/s is tested and soon be available.
4G mobile internet is available everywhere and speed is great.

By the way, average download speed in EU is 26.6 Mbps based on http://www.netindex.com/download/

10Mbit/s limit is way above average household speed

11-05-2014, 12:46 PM
Hi cascada,

hubiC is a service thought to a personal use. So this limit (10Mbit/s) is higher than an classic ADSL line.
Many users are using this archiving option currently with success.

We don't filter what files users upload because your account is personnal. There are inevitably some security because hubiC allows to share your contents and we must be able to cut an illegal publication.
Of course, we don't read your datas and only the user can access to his datas.
Some restrictions and controls are instituted to access on our datacenters : https://hubic.com/en/data-security

OVH cannot guarantee (cannot guarantee doesn't mean ban or reject) that files exceeding 5 GB will be deposited but there are no limits on file size (except your account size) thanks to dynamics large object using with openstack swift.

We don't check what files users are uploading, and we have no problem with users encrypting their files. Offering data encryption on client software is indeed planned.

Have a good day.

11-03-2014, 11:39 AM
Can someone, who knows, please answer these questions.

10-28-2014, 10:37 AM
After reading General Conditions of Use

1. The bandwidth is limited to 10 Mbit/s upstream and downstream. The connection speed also depends on the quality of the Customer's internet connection.

Is the speed still 10 Mbit/s, even when I use 10 TB plan?
If so then it's ultra slow and not suitable for backups.

2. OVH has no intention of knowing the nature of the data stored by the Customer, and in that sense OVH declines all liability regarding the type of data that may be stored, transferred or exchanged through the Service. Likewise, OVH reserves the right to verify the conformity of the Customer's use of the Service and in this context may verify the type of data transferred, stored or exchanged by the Customer. Under such circumstances, where OVH identifies inappropriate content, the Customerís Service will be immediately suspended and terminated in accordance with the law.

How does OVH verify inappropriate content, do you spy on users, do you look users data?
Do you monitor and filter what files users upload?

3. OVH cannot guarantee that files exceeding 5 GB will be deposited. In the event of needing to put a file of this size online, OVH asks the Customer to contact the technical support team in order to find out the most effective method of carrying out this operation.

From somewhere I read there there are no limits on file size, is there limit or not?

4. OVH reserves the right to monitor compliance with the conditions of use of the Service.

How does OVH monitor users? Do you read and check what files users upload?

Additional question:
1. Do you have any plans to offer data encryption on client software?

2. Do you allow users to upload encrypted data?
I ask this because encrypted data cannot be monitored!