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Service downgrade

10-06-2014, 02:33 PM
When you are customer for a paying account, you can't downgrade your account.
If you want a free 25 Go after having commanded, you must to delete the account and make a new one.

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10-02-2014, 01:52 PM
Hello, I've a question regarding the service upgrade/downgrade.

I'll try to explain by examples: let's say I register today for a free 25GB account, then, after a few weeks, I upgrade to a paid plan (e.g. the 100GB one) for a few months, then I decide to revert back to the free 25GB tier, without renewing the 100GB plan anymore.

Is it still possible to keep the account and downgrade to the free storage plan (given that I delete all the extra data over the 25GB limit) or do I need to delete the account and make a new one?

Your service agreement contract isn't quite clear in this regard, as the only relevant information I was able to found was this:

10.8. Service renewal
The Service is automatically renewed for a new one-month period provided that the Customer has saved a valid payment method.

Failing this, OVH will notify the Customer by email (the Customer is responsible for keeping the email address up-to-date), of the imminent expiration of his Service.

OVH undertakes to provide a minimum of three email reminders prior to the expiration of the Service.

If the Customer fails to renew the Service, the data will be deleted within thirty (30) days of the expiry date.

The Customer is therefore responsible for taking all the necessary measures to ensure that his data and that of his authorised users is retrieved.
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