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File synchronisation Android

09-04-2014, 07:45 AM
Dear all!
I am new to hubiC (have used Dropbox so far) and while I am happy with the functionality on my PC (Linux Ubuntu 12.04 TLS) the synch via my mobile doesn't satisfy me (so maybe the feature I want is not implemented or I am too dull for the correct use).

My problem is the following:
I want to edit a file that is stored at my hubiC space on my phone (motorola with Android 2.3.6). So on the hubiC app on android I click on the file open it, edit it and save it again. However the file on the server (and on the hubiC app on the phone) are not updated. (I know btw that the files are downloaded to a local folder on the phone where they are stored). In Dropbox (please forgive me the comparison) I could mark a file as favorite, open it, edit it, save it and it was automatically updated locally and in the cloud. Is such a feature not available in hubiC and if not, what is the best workaraound? Do I have to navigate to the file, copy it and replace the file in the hubic app?

Would be glad for your help!
Merci beaucoup.
best regards from Vienna