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New user issues

09-01-2014, 02:12 PM
I signed up for Hubic two days ago, liked what I saw and decided to upgrade to the 1-euro-per-month plan. However, once I got to the payment page everything was in French: the terms and conditions, all of the instructions, the invoice, etc. This was an issue because I suspect my first attempt at payment failed, but I don't know why -- the instructions weren't something I could understand.

A second attempt at paying via credit card was successful. However, I received no emailed copy of my invoice and the Hubic site itself did not have any indication that my payment had gone through. My account capacity is still 25GB and there is no information under the Invoices tab ( ).

Finally, I was unable to find any direct route to obtaining assistance in any of these matters. I had to use Google to search for assistance, which let me to a forum post by a Hubic team user asking to send him a private message about that OTHER user's technical issues.

Anyway, I'd appreciate assistance with my specific issues; going forward, though, there should be an easier way to obtain technical assistance, particular when customers are paying for the service.