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Option to disable notification messageboxes

12-15-2015, 03:29 AM

Love using your client and service. Only couple things that would really be handy (for me at least)

- Option in the settings to disable the notification messagebox when exiting program. I would like to exit without having to click yes each time in a messagebox.
- Option in the settings to disable the auto start with windows. I have StartupMonitor (by Mike Lin) and it warns me every time Hubic launches and tries to set itself to auto start with windows, which i prefer not to do. I like to manually run it once ive finished some coding and then allow it to update - whilst testing and compiling it can block access to files or have issues with some files, so usually i have it off for that and only launch it once i ready to commit my changes.

So basically I would like to start up Hubic and exit it without any prompts.