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[iOS] Update 1.8 released

07-25-2014, 01:02 PM
Hi everybody !

A new version of the mobile application for iOS devices has just been validated by Apple. It is now available on the App Store. If you already have installed the application on your device, the upgrade will be proposed automatically.

New features and improvements:

- New PDF document reader.
- Backup progress is based on the size of the transferred files.
- Remaining publication time is now indicated for folders.
- Audio files will continue to be read when the application is running in the background (if the lock code is deactivated)
- Settings are reset when the application is disconnected.
- You will receive a notification when the account’s total disk space has been reached.

- Disconnection when the application is opened has been fixed.
- Opening a document from a third-party application has been fixed.
- Backing up files on devices with names containing special characters no longer generates errors.
- When a backup is cancelled, the transfer will stop completely.
- Several display bugs in files and folders have been fixed.
- Other small bugs have been fixed.

hubiC Team