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Question regarding synchronisation.

06-26-2014, 03:07 PM

You can use some foreign app to do this. SwiftExplorer for example : "The Swift Explorer application enables you to view the content of your online storage space and store files/folders without synchronising them."

We currently are thinking to improve archiving files in some future version

You can see and consult your datas by hubiC iPad app if the file format is accepted by iOS. the file is download in the cach app only if you click on it.

06-26-2014, 01:50 PM
Hello, I have a question regarding synchronisation:

If I upload a big file (say 4GB), for instance a piece of computer software, using the desktop application or the web interface will this also synchronise to my iPad when I login to the iPad app? Because I do NOT want it to do this. I want it to remain online in the cloud, where I put it, but not try to be helpful and automatically download to my mobile device. How does syncing work in your apps? Does it physically require you to tap on the file to initiate the download (in which case that's fine because I've no intention on tapping on said file), or does it automatically download everything regardless (in which case not so good). The reason I ask is because I have 10TB on HubiC and intend to use it to backup all my important stuff. The likeliness of me ever having to USE the backup is very slim and, truth be told, I hope I never have to. Therefore, when I upload something to the cloud I'm perfectly happy with it remaining in the cloud but I do NOT want it syncing between each device I have the HubiC app on...that's just a waste of bandwidth (not to mention my patience as I wait for syncing to complete! ).