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Central list of user written software

06-16-2014, 06:23 AM
-Lots of people write good code to work with Hubic's API
-It can be hard at times to find this code as threads get old
-Due to this, several questions are asked all with the same answer
-I propose a central sticky thread for announcing new user projects/code

This is not so much a feature request for the Hubic service, but for the forums. Several questions have been asked and repeated, all about some form of accessibility to Hubic storage. These feature requests go unanswered by Hubic, and if they are answered they get the general reply of "thats what the API is for." Which it is, but not everyone has the skill to create their own software utilizing the API. However, many great Hubic users have already written software that provides some form of accessibility that is commonly requested.

Sadly, I find that these great pieces of software are not easily found on Google or the Hubic forums, as the announcement posts by these excellent users get buried among all the other threads and posts. I, who have found (after lots of searching) some of the software find myself simply making the same reply linking others to different threads and projects on GitHub.

Considering that Hubic's position is to let the users write the apps they feel they need, I believe that a central, probably sticky, announcement thread would be in the best interest of the forum. In essence, everyone who has written something would have a single post with a short description and a link for more information; just the initial announcement. This way, before someone asks their question about accessing their Hubic account they can look at a single complete location for all the available options.

Such code projects that I could see going here would be HubicFuse written by Turbo on the forums, or Hubic2SwiftGate by OderWat.

An idea to consider, especially as more projects are written to interface with Hubic.
W. Fries

Sidenote: I am happy to see that Swift Explorer has made it to the "official" Hubic compatible apps page.