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Billed even though I removed my payment options several weeks ago

06-17-2014, 12:26 PM

When you order your account, you pay for one month.
If you register your payment card, your subscription will be debited all month.

You can unsubscribe : if you want stop your paying service, you must delete your account.

Remove your credit card is allowed in order to change your payment card for example or be able to pay monthly yourself.

Best regards,

hubiC team.

06-13-2014, 08:29 PM
I'm sorry, but I sent an email to support[at]ovh.com in english and half an hour later I got a reply in french, saying that I have ordered something for another 3 euro, and the invoice will arrive shortly to my email.

This can't be legal. It just can't. There's no contact information except this forum, where a lot of posts regarding the same issue goes unanswered. I am canceling my Hubic account and I will not pay any money for something that I did NOT order.

This is insane.

06-13-2014, 07:25 PM
Hello, I am writing here because I couldn't find any support email or any contact on hubic.com. I also tried creating an OVH account but it had to be a United Kingdom landline phone, and I am from Sweden.

Anyway, I bought 1 month of Hubic 100GB storage on May 12th. But after 2 weeks I removed my credit card from Hubic.com, since there's no other way of changing plans.

Now on June 12th, I received an email in french, saying that I need to pay for 100GB from June to July. I thought maybe it was an error, because I removed my credit card, and there's no other way of changing account type?

Now 1 day later on May 13th, I got an email in french saying that I need to pay or my account will be terminated. Again, there's no contact email or anything (and from a no-reply email.)

What will happen now? I'm backing up my files because I'm afraid my account will be deleted even though I didn't choose to pay for another month.