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Few questions regarding the use of the service

06-28-2014, 09:30 AM
Get a Kimsufi server for 5 Euro. You may have 10MBit/s on paper, but in practise you can get less. Make the math yourself.

05-30-2014, 10:06 AM
Hi Jack,

My question is, is this allowed?
Hum, That's not forbidden!

But, I think use hubiC for your need is not the best solution because authentication require an oauth token and you can't use easily hubic as backend of your service.
We had develop RunAbove object storage. That's the same technology like hubiC but price is scalable and there is no limit of bandwitch : https://www.runabove.com/, but you are not limited by authentication to use object storage as backend.
The best point: price are scalable

RunAbove is in beta period, but it will be release in few weeks. You can ask a "launch code" to use it on official twitter account : @runabovecom

If you need more information about RunAbove, i can answer you


05-29-2014, 08:42 PM
Hi there

I am creating a project at my college that is store photos and then host them on our site.
We are going to cache most of it but we need to store our files somewhere.

Being a college student money is a bit on the low side so 10TB for 10 euro a month is awesome for me.

I need to know if doing this is okay though.

We are serving the bandwidth off our web servers so if a client requests a photo, we pull it from hubiC and cache it for delivery on our site.
We have about 20GB of cache atm but we are going to expand to a 200GB cache on SSDs eventually.
(this is all on OVH servers btw)
This means about 80-90% of our daily traffic will be cached so we would not be pulling all that much from the service.
We expect to have between 100-4000 image requests on our webserver every hour.
Each file ranges from 500KB to 2MB.

We will sometimes need to pull about 20 or so images

So we would expect to be randomly pulling and pushing files quite a bit but not over and over again in a short term.
We would hardly be removing files from the site.

We want to work with the API to create an app on our web server for transmitting files too and from as fast as possible too.
I want it to be able to deliver 10 images within 2-3 seconds if possible.

My only concern is the 10mbits limit imposed.
We might be okay but I guess we could always have multiple accounts if we do hit this limit a lot.

My question is, is this allowed?
We are not operating as a business nor am I making any money from it.
It is more of a long term education project that will support our social website that we are creating for long term use.

Hope to hear back soon.