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Account compromised *** help ***

05-09-2014, 01:56 PM
I just post fews thing about that on the french forum but… all need to know!

My hubic account seems to be compromised… all my informations was changed and my payment mode was erased.

My password was not changed and the password was strong as I can type it 14 letters and numbers.

I changed my password now using my email (the email contact was not changed).

I have no response since fews hours on the forum (and no online avalaible for Hubic Service :-), only forum)

So I need to discard my visa card… that was my payment mode associated.

U ask me by email to pay for may, but if I see my invoice, you yet take it from my visa card!

what happens?
what I must do (I discard my visa, i will not have credit card during 2 or 3 weeks now… Grrr)

Is heartbleed?
How this is possible?

The intruder put all my folder as "shared" (I unshare no wfor sure), that means that all my data was accessible for another or everybody!


Is my password discovered?

Thank you for an answer (I have no answer on the french forum)