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Hubic - Blueprint

05-07-2014, 03:37 PM

I've been wainting too long to see that nothing comes up.
So i've decided to start a little blueprint, to describe what i expect and how i want my "cloud nas" to work. (that's how you called it while betat test.
I’m not a customer, i have a free account and whish it works as expected before i’m ready to take a pay offer.

So my best option is to describe what I expect. How it would work etc…
Other users may disagree with choices I made.
Some parts could be improved. I don’t have time to develop much more.

I think of this cloud service as a back up AND synchronize service.
Online consultation (streaming, pictures display ) are not my priority now as a user. Therefore, I’ve focused on sync and backup function, from a computer and a smartphone.

I define a backup folder a folder which is synced with one device. This is purely my choice, to make the distinction.
Ex: pictures are copied on a NAS, that sends datas to a dedicated folder on the Hubic Cloud.

1) Initial set-up, rules for folder selection

At installation, the user need to determine what folders are synced with the hubic service (I call it the cloud )

At installation, HUBIC software ask the user to choose a hubic folder as host.

A general user will pick it’s windows user account: It would allow to sync My Documents, My Pictures, My Music and other personal folders.

The user can select / unselect any folder or file inside the designed Host folder, including Subfolders and files within.
The user set options which are specific to the device

At this step, the install software could retrieve on device folder and file list, and then show the target arborescence view with files that will be downloaded or uploaded.

2) Computer sync and back up

Specific options for sync selection on computer
Folder must be :
Fully selected :files, subfolders, and all files inside subfolders inside
Partially selected files, subfolders, and files inside subfolders can be manually selected / unselected
Unselected : no file or subfolder is sync nor back up.

In this exemple, Me folder is set as Hubic folder on laptop and Home folder is set as hubic folder on Desktop1 computer.

This would allow to sync
My Laptop\Me\my doc
My desktop1\Home\my doc

In the Hubic folder / web interface it would be
Hubic\my doc

But I will not want to sync My desktop1\Home\Appdata with my other devices.

Options for folder and file selection

Files / folder and subfolder should be selected individually for sync options.
A [select ALL / unselect all] option would make file and folder selection easy.

-An option to exclude files according to their properties
hidden files, system files, files read only etc..

-An option to exclude files according user define rules :
Ex: no thumbnails, no exe etc…

Options can be set up for each folder or apply to folder and all subfolder, on each device.
These functions are requested here
and here
I add possibility to go down to file selection.

Exemple :
1 general rule for Download folder, and specific rules for few download subfolders:
In folder \me\Downloads : Exclude *.exe files from sync.
In folder \me\Download\portable_apps: sync all folder completely.
In folder \me\ Download\my computer drivers : do not sync

Also, as software and sync options are device dependent, a specific folder can be saved in the cloud without being downloaded into other devices.
He's right ! I want to sync my music on my laptop with SSD, but not my movies!

Once selection is done, files are uploaded to cloud server.

On Laptop; Hubic folder is /Me/
On computer desktop1, hubic folder is Home

Files are sync from computer to cloud, and then from cloud to other devices synced

Files data should be presented as requested here

also, for each folder and file, additional datas such as
-Last sync on (date)
-Last sync from (device name)
-Shared with (devices names)

This would identify back-up folders and sync folders according to devices

Deletion and versioning option
An option allows each folder /file to be protected against modification or deletion.
Files deleted on computers should be sent to trash.
Files deleted on the cloud should be sent to a versioning system.

Old versions of files would be displayed in an unsync folder, with advanced possibility to sort and filter.
This would allow easy definitive deletion to free space quickly.

3) Smartphone and mobility devices sync and back up

First, what I expect is the possibility to upload pictures and videos , and other files such as contacts backup list and sms back up list to server.

I don’t know what would be best. I think i would prefer a hubic/smartphone folder that would optionally be sync with computers. (as a smartphone folder inside the hubic folder : )
Sync options are device dependant. Therefore, it would be possible to sync smartphone folder on desktop computer, but not on laptop computer.

So the app would link a folder in the smartphone, with a folder in hubic\Smartphone in the cloud.
Smarphone/SD_Card/images/100media would be saved and sync into Hubic\Smartphone\pictures
Hubic\Smartphone\music would be downloaded to Smarphone/SD_Card/music

So with a computer, we could download pictures and sort / move them to My Pictures folder easily.
They can then be sync with all other devices, and deleted from smartphone when it’s out of space.

4) NAS device sync and back up

A personal NAS is a back up system.
One will prefer to copy from local network to NAS, instead of upload to cloud (for days) and then, download it back (for days! ) on the NAS.
So when a file is on both device, a hash system could be run to avoid update of a file with a identical one with different timestamp

It would sync files but folders would be mapped like in the smartphone :

In the cloud : Hubic\Pictures
In the NAS : NAS\data_Folder\Pictures
In the cloud Hubic\Smartphone\pictures (pictures uploaded from smartphone)
In the NAS NAS\data_Folder\Pictures\smartphone

We can see why sync options must be set per device :
NAS\data_Folder\Pictures\smartphone folder would be set as do not sync on NAS settings, so pictures are not uploaded back to Hubic\Pictures\smartphone if not requested. Choise belong to the user.

So the NAS Application would allow folder and file selection as describe on the computer sync and back up part.

I've described what i expect from a "cloud NAS" service.
Please can you try to develop those functionnalities,