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hubiC usage not updating

04-22-2014, 05:49 PM
So it seems that stats only get updated if I change browser to something else (for example "My Account")
or log out and log in. Hitting refresh or clicking directories does not help.

04-22-2014, 04:29 PM

I am using hubiC experimental Linux client to synchronise my NAS storage with cloud.
Problem is that it shows usage as properl:

alchemyx@hydra ~ $ ./ status
State: Busy
Up: 696,71 KB/s (0 B/s)	Down: 0 B/s (0 B/s)

Account: x@xxxx.xx
Synchronized directory: /home/alchemyx/hubiC/
Usage: 4,68 GB/100 GB

	Uploads: 1996 (4,86 GB) + 3 running
	Downloads: 0 (0 B) + 0 running
	Misc: 3 + 1 running

Running operations:
	Upload for /home/alchemyx/hubiC/Pictures/xxx (32 KB/1,26 MB)
	Upload for /home/alchemyx/hubiC/Pictures/xxx (736 KB/1,26 MB)
	Upload for /home/alchemyx/hubiC/Pictures/xxx (214,75 MB/242,17 MB)
	RemoteMkdir for /home/alchemyx/hubiC/Pictures/xxx

Last events:
	[2014-04-22 17:12:17|Info] Authentication in progress
	[2014-04-22 17:12:34|Info] Welcome xxx@xxx.xx
So as you can see it shows that I already used up over 4 gigabytes of spaces which is
probably true. But Web app shows that I have used 400 MB so far. So what is wrong
- not updated stats or maybe some files are missing?