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Is Hubic corrupting my data?

04-25-2014, 10:11 AM

Thank you for you feedback.

hubiC does not mix data but it has detected that the two files were the same so it prefer to make a server side copy rather than an upload (as it is faster and saves bandwidth). So ultimately, you will have two separate datasets.

To detect copies, the client does not trust the file name but the file hash and size as it maintains a cache of remote files metadata.

04-22-2014, 12:05 PM
Hi All,

I caught Hubic doing some odd things, and I am concerned that it is doing something which it should not.

The background:

I have a server specifically for images. I'll refer to this server as "12". As it was running out of disk space, I got a new server, which has now taken it's place. The new server I'll refer to as "25".

Before 12 was retired, I setup hubic on it to mirror all of it's data to hubic, so that if anything went wrong down the line (after 12 was returned,) I would still have the data.

When 25 was ready, I copied all of the data from 12 to 25 (NOT via hubic).

I then setup 25 to mirror it's data to hubic as well.

In addition, 25 was instructed to pull down a copy of the data from 12 (just in case I needed it in a hurry). 25 should therefore have two separate datasets one for 12, and one for 25.

So today, I only have 25, and both it and hubic have a copy of the 12 and 25 data (which is almost the same, it changes slightly all the time).

The Worrying Message.

Hubic Status reported:

Copy Server12Data/imgs.XXXX.com/htdocs/4908/117111_m.Jpeg to Server25Data/imgs.XXXX.htdocs/4908/117111_m.Jpeg on hubiC

Finally the Question:

Is hubic mixing the 12 and 25 data? it certainly looks like it, as these files could well be different...

The data on 12 and 25 should be kept absolutely separate, what if these where folders of information from different clients?

Any help appreciated...