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Possible bug : Folder lost upon installing on a second PC

01-20-2016, 06:46 AM
Yes, it is possible to recover lost files from Android devcies. Deleted files like photos/videos are invisible for us but still stored inside the memory, you need rely on the professional android recover tool to scan them and recovery them from device.

04-19-2014, 09:00 AM

Here is my issue: I installed Hubic on a Win7 PC (call it PC1) and selected an empty folder as hubic root point. I moved a folder into it (FPC1). Everything was fine, files were visible on Hubic. I also installed Hubi on an Android device and saw my files.
Few days later I installed Hubic on a second Win7PC (call it PC2) and selected an existing folder as hubic root point (FPC2).
Surprisingly, connecting to Hubic I saw only my new folders from PC2 and what is even worse, on PC1 I saw all my files from PC2 copied into the Hubit root point ... but my FPC1 folder initialy copied there has disapeared.

So 2 questions :
- what did I do wrong ?
- and more important : is there a way I can recover my lost files ? On Ubuntu One (RIP) it was possible to recover deleted files ...

Thanks in advance for advice.