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Hubic bug destroys data

04-16-2014, 11:29 AM

From your screenshot I can see that hubiC is deleting thumbnails images. These files were generated by old applications for internal usage (they were used on web and mobile applications) but they are not used anymore, and applications delete them in background.

So there is no problem if you see any delete on any '.thumbnails.hubic' file. Is there any other file that the application deleted without reason ?

04-15-2014, 11:10 PM
Hubic is deleting files which it should not.

I have 2 servers, both with Hubic running.

Server 12 is an old server which will expire soon.

Server 25 is the replacement for it.

To ensure all data is kept, and that nothing is lost I copied all files from Server 12 to Server 25.

Also, to ensure I have a copy in hubic, I setup Server 12 to mirror a copy up to hubic.

I also setup server 25 to send it's copy to hubic, AND receive a copy of Server 12's data.

Server 12 has been uploading 12Data, and Server 25 has been downloading 12Data.

Now to the problem.

Server 25 is REMOVING files from hubic, (in the 12Data) which it does not have. Since the file does not exist locally Server 25 is removing them. See screen grab.

Attachment 181

When server 12 is retired, the data will be missing from hubic.

Please can this be patched ASAP.

Server 12 = W2008R2Web / Hubic v1.2.4.79
Server 25 W2012Std / Hubic v1.2.4.79