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hubiC 0.9.6 for Windows Phone 8 is available!

03-21-2014, 01:06 PM
A new version of the mobile application for smartphones with Windows Phone 8 has just been validated by Microsoft. It is now available on the Windows Phone Store. If you already have installed the application on your device, the upgrade will be proposed automatically.

This release improves the OS integration of hubiC. It also brings new features as well as an optimization of the user interface and performances:
- publication of files and folders
- integration of hubiC in the image sharing folder system
- exporting images from hubiC to the smartphone
- new displaying file screen
- when choosing which image upload to hubiC, “Recorded photos” album is available
- new icon set
- performances optimization
- miscellaneous corrections and improvements reported by users (thanks!)

hubiC team