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Separating Storage from Synced Items

03-28-2014, 09:06 AM
Yes, I totally agree with that! Or there should be at least the possibility to exclude subfodlers from synchronization in the sync-software. Actually, only folders in the root directory can be excluded. That's not sufficient to use the offered 10 TB plan thoroughly.

And even the WebApp is not an adequate substitute because of the 5 GB file size restriction in uploads and the slow upload speed.

03-23-2014, 03:57 PM
I too would like the option to have the ability to choose whether to sync or archive files.
For example I would like to be able to upload directly from an external HDD to a hubic folder without having to have a sync folder first

03-10-2014, 07:38 PM
First let me say there is a lot I like about hubiC not least the competitive price and the way it handles renames and file moves (which is better than any other product I have used).

hubiC along with OneDrive (aka SkyDrive) is now my primary online backup resource.

I do however use others some of which have nice features that I wish hubiC would incorporate.

One of these is easily separating storage (or non- changing items) from synced items.

At the moment it is not very helpful since you can only work with the main folder not the sub-folders within it. For example in my Video folder are many files stored in sub-folders that will not change as well as other files in other sub-folders that will.

I realise I could separate folders but for ease of use I want to keep the same folder structure as that found in My Documents folder (using SyncBackFree for this purpose).

It would therefore be nice if the option was there to un-sync sub-folders as well as main folders. This would save me a great deal of file duplication with respect to data stored in the hubiC folder which is unchanging as well as speed up the sync process when scanning files for changes.

Alternatively take a look at Mega which allows you easily via the web interface to move folders from the synced folder (MegaSync) into online non-synced storage in a folder name of your choosing. Now I don't use the MegaSync client (tried it but found it too slow and buggy) but I do use their storage - even if I'm not relying on it! - and like the way they have implemented this online