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I cant register in hubiC - Problem with Phone Number - Buying 10TB Plan

03-10-2014, 02:43 PM
Hello guys, I'm from Brazil and it uses international phone code +55, i've already tryed all the types of combinations with my phone, but it stills says "O formato do número de telefone é inválido (deve começar pelo prefixo nacional +xxx)" witch means that the format of the phone number is invalid, that it has to begin with the national prefix +xxx.

I tryed all the forms possible but i keep getting this error, please help.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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Edit: Recently has beend added one more number in the phones of Brazil, the number 9. I tryed to create an account without the "9" and the text field changed to "Ok!" but when i press Create i recieve the following error:

Ocorreu um erro no servidor. Queira tentar novamente. Se o problema persistir queira contactar o suporte.
(An error ocurred. Please try again. If the problem persists contact support)
Server response : error_phone_format

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Edit 2: The page showed the error above but i recieved the e-mail confirming my account o.o', anyway, i have the 25GB account, when i try to upgrate to the 10TB account it again informs a problem with my phone number, with or without the "9" digit.

My phone number format is: +5521xxxxxxxxx

+55 is Brazil international code.
21 is my local code
The "x" are the digits of my phone number.

I tryed the numbers with spaces between the codes, without the "+", with and without the "9" but all the forms shows the same error.

Please help, i need to upgrade my account and upload my stuff because i'm gonna travel and need my stuff in the cloud to worldwide use.