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hubic cloud logo on left menu would be nice! (instead of a plain folder)

02-13-2014, 07:00 PM
Hello wonderful Hubic team,

I have just registered and downloaded. I am transferring files right now.

1. Would it be possible to put your hubic logo on the left menu the same way it appears on the top bar of my mac? I previously used DropBox before I realized how dreadfully poor the space they offered compared to Hubic. DropBox has their blue box at the top and at left. Hubic uses the the cloud logo at top, but only a plain folder at left.

2. There are some spelling mistakes on your site. (At sign-up where it asks for First Name, you have called that Surname and where it asks for Last Name you ask for Name). That's reverse. Some other spelling mistakes for us english users. Would you like me to point them out?

Thank-you so much!
Can't wait...

ps. I compared Hubic to all of the major cloud storage companies and chose Hubic because of an article in TechCrunch. Looking forward to Hubic! Thank-you!