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[MacOS X] Update 0.2.2 released

02-13-2014, 01:01 PM

We just released an update for the Mac OS X application which is now in version 0.2.2 .

This update essentially fixes issues with files being put in the recycle bin and then re-downloaded re-downloaded. This only applied to a few customers.

It also solves problems with file name encoding when synchronising Windows or Linux desktops along with with the Mac version.Normalization step will still be necessary on these files and will be done automatically. More details are available at FAQ .

This update also enables better system integration and better overall performance, especially when downloading or sending a large number of files.

Full changelog :
  • Change: the publication is now done through the web application
  • Change: Using the Hubic API
  • Change: The status icon now respects the MacOS X convention
  • Improved: Faster indexing for large files
  • Fixed: some files were being recycled and then re-downloaded
  • Fixed: file encoding problem when synchronising a Mac and Windows/Linux station at the same time
  • Fixed: possible crash when opening the status window
  • Fixed: sometimes the same conflicts were detected several times
  • Fixed: some unnecessary notifications were withdrawn