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Improvements in Backup suggested

02-03-2017, 04:32 PM
I downloaded hubiC desktop app. When I right-click on a folder and select "hubiC -> Create new backup", the backup gets created. Now here is the improvement needed:

(1) The desktop app. should provide option to create and select folder where the backup is to be created.

(2) It is really cumbersome that backup sets get created with the name of the folder/file. Suppose I add more files to a folder in my PC, I am not able to create backup set with the same name. Hence the logic behind backup set is not of much use. I want to create further folders in a particular backup set. If I add more files in a folder, the backup set should intelligently get updated with more files and folders.

(3) It is really confusing for a new customer to find backups. It is hidden as one of the option in the menu. Instead, when user logs in to his account on hubiC website, Backup folder should be visible along with the files.