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Moving files to one folder to another

01-25-2017, 03:31 PM

I have some troubles with Hubic.

I've update to 10Tb because I just want to make a backup of my external drives (there are 3 external drives of 2Tb and one of 1Tb), which they have a lot of files more big than 4Gb.

The way I've founded to synchronize all my files by the desktop application is to create a folder and say to the desktop application which is a folder that I don't want to synchronize: I will have it in the cloud but not in my computer. This is because my computer has 1Tb and every external drive 2Tb, and by the website I can't upload files more bigger than 4Gb.

What I did? Copy the files to the folder in my computer which is synchronized with the Hubic Cloud, and when they be uploaded move by the web application to the folder which isn't synchronized with my computer. Is it right?

Here is my problem: the website spends a loooooot of time moving the files (I can say 1 hour for a folder less than 2Gb and I have very quickly internet connection) from one folder to another. I don't know why... And if I have to do this with every external drive I will not finish never. With big files the website app say that isn't possible to move this folder.

Could anyone offer my alternatives to this service? Or a solution... If not, could you return me the payment because the service is don't living up to my expectations.

I have sent 3 emails in the last 15 days to this email:, without any answer.