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Hubic storage account creation - Account in limbo - No response from

12-22-2016, 07:03 PM
We tried to create a Hubic account for 10TB. We paid for the account. This is since 12/15/2016. We thought there might be an error as we did encounter a 404 error page so we tried again today 12/22/2016 - with another attempt to pay for the 10TB.
Our account shows only 30GB and not the 10TB. No Invoice shows either.

No response from Hubic.

We have emailed: - ZERO response. Not even a courtesy, we are looking into this.
The credit card company shows charges - yet Hubic has not added the TB to the account.

Still no response from Hubic.

It would be nice if someone would at least communicate with us.
The email that was sent to has the account name and the 'payment verified' purchase order and transaction numbers.

Thank you in advance for the help tendered.