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Hubic and ExpanDrive Reporting different content

10-05-2016, 05:18 PM
If I login to the website, I can see that a folder (\2014\music) has thousands of entries.

If I connect with ExpanDrive, I see thousands of files in that same directory.

As I was having issues deleting this old backup using the website (chronically slow and error prone) I tried to do the same with ExpanDrive.

So I deleted 100 files using ExpanDrive.

I could still see them in

So I tried to delete them using the website and they disappeared...!

As these where all files beginning with numbers, I deleted all numbered files both ways, with and ExpanDrive.

Next, I deleted files A to L using ExpanDrive.

Then I deleted files M to Z using

I refreshed both sides, and: shows A to G, and;
ExpanDrive shows two files starting "B"

What exactly is in this folder, and is this why no matter how much I delete, the free space never seems to rise...?

I see there are a number of posts here with questions that do not seem to get answered, if there is no response, I will email directly, and try to report the solution back here for those who follow...

Just in case...
My desktop machine is Win7Pro and has ExpanDrive installed.
My Server machine is Server 2008R2 and has Hubic installed.
I access from my desktop, using Chrome.