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Different amount of available space from 2 differnt location

08-03-2016, 11:55 AM
Thanks for bringing it up! I hope Hubic will pay attention to it too!
Have a great day

08-03-2016, 10:30 AM

There's a strange behavoir of the hubic portal.

- When i visit from home it shows me that i have 25 GB of space and used 100%. (see attachement 'Hubic from home.png'
and i see and can browse my files

- When i visit from the office it shows me that i have 100 GB of spaced and used 0% (see attachemtn 'Hubic from office.png'
and i don't see any files

When i backup my files from my Synology at home i got the message that availalble space is 0%.

So...there seems to be a difference from which site/ip you connect but it's not a goot behavior. I upgraded my account from 25 GB to 100 GB.
When visiting from the office location i also see see the invoice. When visiting from home i don't see the invoice and the amount of
space is25 GB

Strange behavoir and i hope there will be some support from Hubic regarding this issue.

Regards Peter