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LInux client doesn't perform the synchronization

07-14-2016, 07:38 PM
Hi all

After creating a new folder under my hubic synchronization folder in my PC, HUbic client doesn't synchronize it... even login out and then login in with synchronization path, forcing a synchronization with hubic synchronize, resuming....

And I always get the same status:
State: Busy
Up: 0 B/s (0 B/s) Down: 0 B/s (0 B/s)

Account: myemail
Synchronized directory: /media//Elements/00-Hubic/
Usage: 57.67 GB/100 GB

Uploads: 0 (0 B) + 0 running
Downloads: 0 (0 B) + 0 running
Misc: 0 + 0 running

Last events:
[14/07/2016 20:14:20|Info] Click on this icon to access your hubiC.
[14/07/2016 20:23:48|Info] Disconnected.
[14/07/2016 20:24:01|Info] Click on this icon to access your hubiC.

Another strange issue is that a week ago (more or less) Hubic CLient performed a synchronization by itself.

I am running it over Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 (LMDE2)

Thanks in advance for your help.