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Copy from Sync to Backup on Hubic server side (BIG saving for Hubic on traffic!)

06-05-2016, 10:32 PM
To explain:
I have a slow internet connection.
What I see happening:
Any new files get uploaded to the Server as per SYNC setting.
Now the BACKUP kicks in and Uploads THE SAME FILE again!
(Since I have Backup enabled on the same files which I also sync to enable versioning of files in this way)

Why upload 2 times?
This is not needed!
The file is already there on the Hubic servers!
Hubic needs to be smart enough to link up the files from the Sync and the Backup if they are from the same PC location.
The file could simply be copied Server side from the Sync location to the Backup location!
Everybody would benefit:
- Customers would benefit since upload would be faster (no double uploading of files)
- Hubic company would benefit since this logic would mean much lesser traffic!
- Lesser traffic would make the internet connections to the Hubic servers quicker again: Customer benefitting extra again due to speed increase!

Feedback on this would be appreciated

Everybody +1 if you think this is good.