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Hubic account VS. OVH account??

05-30-2016, 03:13 PM
Hi guys,

So, i'm kinda confused here.

I keep getting e-mails from Hubic in french (where do i setup my prefered language..:!?). One e-mail says something about "Wasn't able to pay for your Hubic service" and other e-mails states that the monthly payment was succesfull. Yes, it's the same e-mail address i receive these mails to and the same username is mentioned in the e-mails.

I can't login to the OVH Manager (as it says in the e-mail i should do to check up on my service/payments).
I simply don't get the relationsship between my Hubic account and the OVH account.
I have just talked with the guys at OVH which says that Hubic and OVH doesn't use the same system/infrastructure, but in all e-mails coming from Hubic, they state: To change the settings for these alerts, go into your
Contorl panel:".

Someone, please enlighten me. I don't know where to address my problems regarding payment (if there are any problems?)

I'm very confused.