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hubiC Application for Android v1.8.6 : backup for your smartphones and tablets

01-21-2014, 10:23 AM
An additional feature on the hubiC Android app: backup for your smartphones and tablets

Upload all or part of your phone's content onto hubiC, as often as you like! Back up your contacts, calendar (Android 3.0 or later), photos, music and videos. Is your phone lost or broken? Did you upgrade your device? Then restore your data to your new Android device! Simply install the latest hubiC app on your new device, log in, then select the items to be restored from the backups you made.

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To access this feature, go to “Settings”.

All your backups will be stored together in a new space on your hubiC. Naturally, you can access it using the Android app (Settings > Backup > Restore your data). You can also access it from the web app very soon, by clicking on “My Backups” in the menu (top right). The backup name will indicate when the backup was made and from which device.
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This feature is currently only available on Android. It will soon be available on Blackberry, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Windows Phone 8. The hubiC team is also working to make these backups compatible with all mobile operating systems.

- The “Smartphone Backup” feature requires you to authorise access to your calendar and contacts on updating the app. hubiC will not access or use this data other than to facilitate the backup feature.
- Backups can be made using any type of connection - WiFi of course, but also 3G and 4G. In this latter case, be careful with your data consumption.
- In the event of the connection being lost during backup, the app will notify you that the backup has not been completed and will ask you to continue where it left off.

Other new features:
- Data sorting (by size/date/name)
- Bigger photo previews (convenient option if using hubiC on a tablet, also enlarges the name and metadata file display)
- New translations in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.