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API Login page

01-05-2014, 12:30 PM

I got many feedback that the last version of my application (using the new OAuth2 API) was not working since ~19th december, thus I disabled it.

Here is therefore my small feedback about the API:
  • If you use the url "" without the final backslash, now you got a redirection to "".
  • It looks now that the XSL login page is no longer rendered on server side (or something changed inside its content), therefore since I use the XUL element to display the login page, this one does not download the login.xsl file, and thus the XML is displayed without no HTML (it looks to be done for a security concern, anyway I opened an issue on the mozilla bug tracker).

Four solution for me about the second point:
  • The easiest is to continue to use the WS, without being certain how long it'll be available (that I'm currently doing);
  • Download the XML / XSL, render it manually in JS and inject it inside the XUL, or process the requests manually (long to develop, dirty and there is no more interest to have a OAuth API) ;
  • A changement on the login page to have a HTML-based page (back?) ;
  • The possibility of using an OAuth OOB.