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Why did HubiC delete all the files on my computer?

04-10-2016, 10:26 PM
Simple question: Why did HubiC delete all the files on my computer?
I manually deleted all of the files off my HubiC account with the software paused. I then turned on the software to do a fresh sync. I went on vacation right after that only to return to find out that the HubiC Windows software had deleted all of the files it was suppose to sync! It moved the files to the recycling bin but there are so many files that it's impossible to restore them! Windows simply can't handle a restore of that size! I've been unable to work without any of my documents so I thought I'd ask the simple question as to why a backup software would ever need to delete everything? I don't have any other computers using the same account so it's basically a backup software for me that did the reverse by removing all of the files instead of safely saving them online!